Q195 Steel Chemical Composition, Mechanical Properties, Specification and Equivalent

Steel wire rod made from Q195 steel
Steel wire rod made from Q195 steel

Q195 Steel Properties and Introduction

Q195 steel is a Chinese plain carbon structural steel, yield strength: 195 MPa, tensile strength: 315-430 MPa, material density: 7.85 g/cm3. “Q” is the first letter of Chinese spelling of “qu fu dian”, the translation is “Yield Point” or “Yield Strength”, “195” is indicates the unit value “195 MPa”. Datasheet is tested with 16mm thickness steel bars or steel plates.

The latest standard of Q195 steel is GB/T 700 – 2006, for chemical composition, mechanical properties and equivalent, please see the following tables.

Q195 Material Features and Applications

Q195 material has high plasticity, toughness and weldability, good pressure and processability, but low strength. It has many uses, such as the manufacture of wire rods, steel plates. Wire rods can be cold drawn into low carbon steel wires, then to make black or galvanized iron wire, tie wire, welded wire mesh, wire fence, and many more; Cold and hot-rolled steel sheets are widely used in roofing panels, decorative panels, packaging containers, iron drums, instrument cases, switch boxes, protective covers, etc.

Other applications includes making steel pipes, steel angle, anchor bolts, chimneys, roofing slabs, rivets, tie rods, hooks, brackets, welded structures, etc.

The following tables show Q195 steel specification and equivalent

Q195 Steel Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition %
Steel GradeC (≤)Si (≤)Mn (≤)P (≤)S (≤)Deoxidation Method
Q1950.120.300.500.0350.040Rimmed / Killed

Q195 Steel Mechanical Property

Q195 Mechanical Properties
Steel GradeYield StrengthTensile StrengthElongation % (Ø ≤40mm)
Ø ≤16mm16mm < Ø ≤60mm
Q195195 N/mm2185 N/mm2315 to 430 N/mm233

1 MPa = 1 N/mm2; Ø = Wire Diameter or Thickness

Bending Test Results

GradeSample OrientationCold Bending Test 180° (B=2a)
Diameter of Curve Center (Steel Ø ≤ 25mm)

Notes: B=Sample Steel Width; a=Sample Diameter or Thickness

Q195 Steel Equivalent

Q195 steel equivalent to US ASTM, European EN (Germany DIN, Britain BS EN, France NF EN), Japan JIS, and ISO Standards.

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Q195 Equivalent (For Reference)
GB/T 700Q195ASTM A283/A283m – 03A283 Gr.B
A283 Gr.C
DIN EN 10225;
DIN 17100
S185, (1.0035);
St 33
JIS G3101;
JIS G3131
BS 970-1;
BS EN 10025
S185, (1.0035)
NF EN 10025;
NF A35-501
S185, (1.0035);


  1. Dear Sir

    I have a question about the chemical composition percent for Q195 steel.
    Inside Q195 steel is:
    Carbon (C ) 0.12%
    Silicon (Si) 0.30%
    Manganese (Mn) 0.50%
    Phosphorous (P) 0.035%
    Sulfur (S) 0.04%
    Total 0.995%

    100% – 0.995% = 99.005 percent remainder
    What material is the remainder 99.005 % made of? Is it 99.005% Iron (Fe) ?

    Thank you

  2. Dear Sir:

    I am looking for the best equivalency for the ASTM A82 or ASTM A185.
    Could anyone advice me the Chinese Standard por this product?

    • Hello, Mike

      Thanks for your comment, below are the equivalency for reference.

      ASTM A82 is equivalent to GB/T 5223,
      ASTM A185 equivalence is GB/T 1499.3

      Hope my answer can help you.


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