9Cr18Mo Stainless Steel Equivalent, Chemical Composition, Mechanical Properties

102Cr17Mo 9Cr18Mo Stainless Steel


9Cr18Mo steel is a Chinese GB standard martensitic stainless steel, after quenching, it has high hardness and wear resistance high temperature and low temperature dimensional stability. 9Cr18Mo stainless steel has similar properties and uses as 9Cr18, but has higher heat resistance and tempering resistance after quenching, Molybdenum (Mo) can increase the passivation effect of stainless steel.

9Cr18Mo Steel Chemical Composition

The following table shows the chemical compostion of 9Cr18Mo steel (102Cr17Mo)

Chemical Composition (%)
StandardSteel GradeCSi (≤)Mn (≤)P (≤)S (≤)Ni (≤)CrMo
GB/T 1220 – 2007 (year)9Cr18Mo


  • 9Cr18Mo (old designation) = 102Cr17Mo (new designation)
  • The value in parentheses is the maximum value that can be added or allowed.

Mechanical Properties of 102Cr17Mo Steel

  • Material Rockwell hardness: ≥55 HRC (Quenching and tempering)
  • Material Brinell hardness: ≤269 HRC (steel bar after annealing)

Typical Heat Treatment Specification

  • Annealing temperature of steel bars: 800-900℃ (Slow cooling)
  • Sample quenching temperature: 1000-1050℃ (Oil)
  • Sample tempering temperature: 200-300℃ (Air)

Equivalent Grades

9Cr18Mo steel equivalent to US ASTM, ISO, European EN, Germany DIN, United Kingdom BS, France NF, Japanese JIS standard for reference.

9Cr18Mo steel equivalent grade
GB/T 12209Cr18Mo
ASTM A276/A276M
440CEN 10088-3X105CrMo17;
DIN EN 10088-3X105CrMo17
BS EN 10088-3X105CrMo17
NF EN 10088-3X105CrMo17
ISO 683-17X108CrMo17JIS G 4303SUS 440C

Applications of 9Cr18Mo Stianless Steel

9Cr18Mo steel is mainly used to manufacture parts in friction and corrosive media, such as mechanical cutting tools, shearing tools, knives, surgical blades, bearing rings and balls, valve parts, nozzles, measuring tools and other high wear-resistant parts.


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